Dog Who Chased Off A Vandal Is Found And Pulled From The Sea A Mile Off Shore

Storm, a seven-year-old German Shepherd, disappeared for four days after chasing off a vandal who kicked a hole in the fence at his home in Hastings, Sussex. The dog took off after the man, and even though his owners tried to keep up, the pup got away and couldn’t be found. Storm’s owners organized a search party of friends and neighbors, but the pup had vanished. 

Eventually the whole town was looking for Storm, and his owners started getting calls from people who had spotted the pup roaming around the streets. But no one could catch the pooch. Finally, Storm’s owners got a call that he was seen chasing a seagull in the harbor, and he ran into the ocean after the bird. While his owners searched for him on the shore, someone called in a local Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) search and rescue crew to look for Storm in the water.

Storm must have gotten caught in an undertow because he was found about a mile out to sea. The pup was understandably exhausted, dehydrated, and in a state of shock. But thankfully he was rescued and returned to his owner. They took him in for medical attention right away. He’s recovering at the Senlac Veterinary Centre and getting some much needed rest after the ordeal.


Thank you all for sharing the photo of Storm. He was found this morning on Hastings beach. Unfortunately he was caught…

Posted by Senlac Vets on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Are you shocked by how far Storm was swept out to sea? Are you surprised the rescuers were able to find him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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