Rescue Pit Bulls Take Care Of Three Blind Cats As They Recover

A blind black kitten lies on the bed with her head on a white Pit Bull's face.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Sherry Stewart)

When Helen, a 7-year-old cat, came into the Faithful Friends Society animal shelter with two 10-week-old sibling kittens named Bruce and Willis, the feline trio were in rough shape. All three had eye conditions that caused a great deal of pain. Veterinarians decided that the best way to give them happy lives would be to remove their eyes.

A kitten with a cone around its neck perches on top of a grey Pit Bull's back.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Sherry Stewart)

The poor cats didn’t take well to being blind. Helen was very distressed in her kennel. So Sherry Stewart, one of the volunteers, decided to foster her along with Bruce and Willis to give them a chance to adjust. That’s when the kitties were introduced to Alfie and Frankie, two rescue Pit Bulls. Alfie is in training to become a certified pet therapy dog, and Frankie is very affectionate.

A white Pit Bull lies on the carpet with a cat lying on top of her.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Sherry Stewart)

The two took to the cats right away with plenty of love, and the feeling was mutual. Bruce even started to sleep on Alfie’s back. All three cats started doing much better. Willis was shy at first, but now he can find things on his own and even jump on the bed. Helen really turned around and can walk up and down stairs. She even made friends with another cat named Hubbell.

All three cats are up for adoption. Bruce and Willis are bonded, so they must remain together. If you’d like to know more, visit Faithful Friends Society.

January 2016

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