Streetwise Seattle Dog Rides City Bus To The Dog Park By Herself

A black lab mix sits on a public bus like a normal commuter.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Associated Press)

Eclipse is an urban dog who knows her way around town. The black Labrador mix usually sits and waits with her owner for the bus to arrive before the pair hop on board and head to the dog park. But one day, when her owner was taking too long, Eclipse decided to take the D-Line bus by herself.

Eclipse rides the bus between two human travelers.

(Picture Credit: YouTube – Associated Press)

The impatient pup climbed onto the bus, grabbed a seat, then got off at her stop all by herself. Her owner caught up with her at the dog park later. Since then, Eclipse rides alone whenever her owner is falling behind. She knows exactly where to wait at the bus stop, and she knows just where to get off the bus.

Passengers were a little surprised at first to see the dog riding the bus by herself, but now she’s a regular traveler, and human commuters are happy to see her. All the bus drivers know her and are happy to give her a lift. After all, fares only apply to humans. Eclipse should probably be on a leash for safety, but in King County it’s up to the bus driver whether animals are allowed to ride. And since Eclipse doesn’t cause any trouble and only brings smiles, they’ll keep picking her up for her trips to the dog park.

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January 2016