Dog Keeps Lost Toddler Safe And Barks For Rescuers To Find Them

A black Australian Shepherd mix gets pet by his owner.

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When a two-year-old girl in Melbourne, Australia wandered away from home, her family feared something terrible might have happened. Luckily, their family dog, a one-year-old Australian Shepherd-mix puppy named Poppy, tagged along to make sure that her toddler, Sophia, made it safely through her little adventure.

The two were missing for seven hours before rescuers were alerted by Poppy’s barks. Sophia had wandered dangerously close to a dam and was only a short distance from danger when she was found. Thanks to Poppy, she was returned home, and the pup got a hero’s welcome. The family believes Poppy kept Sophia warm and out of harm’s way while they were on their journey. 

Sophia’s family said Poppy would be rewarded with lots of snacks and treats for taking such good care of her tiny human. They thanked all the workers who helped look for their girl and owe Poppy a huge debt of gratitude for being a guardian angel. What do you think? Would your dog take care of a lost child? Let us know in the comments below.

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