Twin Special Needs Girls Adopt Disabled Pit Bull For Christmas

(This story was originally published in December 2015.)

It’s not easy being different. Tianna and Gianna know that better than most people. The twin ten-year-old girls are legally blind, and Gianna suffers from autism.

It’s hard for them to find someone who truly understands what they go through. Maybe that’s why this year they only had one Christmas wish.

They wanted a disabled dog who would love them and understand them.

One of the girls scratches the Pit Bull behind the ears.

(Picture Credit: CBS New York)

Well sometimes Christmas wishes come true.

Carmela is a beautiful Pit Bull whose legs and spine are deformed, likely the result of being kept in a small cage her whole life until a grooming salon owner named Sandy Roberto rescued her.

When the girls’ mother told Roberto about their wish, she knew that Carmela had to go to the girls.

The two girls kneel to pet the Pit Bull who is dressed in a Santa suit and licking one of the girls' faces.

(Picture Credit: CBS New York)

Carmela showed up in a red Santa suit and surprised the little girls, who immediately loved her. Tianna says Carmela is their new best friend forever, and Gianna, who didn’t speak much, can’t stop talking about her new dog.

The girls hope that everyone considers adopting differently-abled dogs this holiday season. They have just as much love to give as any other dog.

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