Outdoor Kennel App Allows Owners To “Park” Dogs By The Minute

A dog waits in a box-like kennel with the Dog Parker logo on it.

(Picture Credit: Fox 5 New York)

Chelsea Brownridge loves taking her dog, Winston, for a walk with her, but she doesn’t like leaving him tied up outside of stores while she runs inside. She wanted an alternative that would keep her dog safe and secure for a few minutes, so she created the Dog Parker.

The Dog Parker is a curbside insulated kennel placed outside of businesses so dog owners can have a safe place for their pets to wait. It costs 20 cents per minute to use and is only accessible with a membership card, so it’s fairly secure. The kennels are cleaned ever other day, and there are plans to allow users to reserve a kennel ahead of time through the app.

Right now there are test Dog Parkers outside of two New York Businesses, but Brownridge hopes to expand throughout New York City. I’m all for an alternative to leaving dogs tied up outside in the weather unsupervised, but I think I’ll stick to leaving my dogs at home if I plan to go inside a business.

What do you think? Would you use a pay-by-the-minute kennel to let your pup wait for you? Let us know in the comments.

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