Dog Refuses To Leave Friend’s Body On The Side Of The Road

(A large, white dog sits on the side of a road over his companion (image blurred).

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Samuel Flores)

Dogs are known for their loyalty, but few of us can understand how deep that loyalty goes. A man posted a photo to Facebook on Sunday of a dog standing guard over the body of his friend who had been hit by a car. The picture got a lot of attention on Facebook, and two animal advocates, Julie Fennell and Jessy Faiferlick, went to help him.

A large white dog holds his paw up for an animal advocate in the grass next to the road.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Julie Fennell)

When they approached the body, the dog standing guard barked. But once he realized they were there to help, he offered them a paw and relaxed. They could tell that the dog had dragged his friend’s body off of the road and into the grass from the blood stains, and based on the condition of the body, he had been standing watch for several hours. 

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They loaded the body into Julie’s truck so they could take it away and scan it for a microchip. The dog jumped in the truck to look for his friend. On the way back, the dog kept his paw on Julie’s shoulder. At the time of writing this, the loyal dog is with Dallas Animal Services, and if owners cannot be found, he will be available for adoption through SPIN Rescue.

A white dog sits with his paw on an advocate's shoulder in the back of a truck.

(Picture Credit: Facebook – Julie Fennell)

I have been a dog owner for my entire life, and even though I experience the love of my pups all the time, I’m moved by this story. How do you feel about it? Are you still touched by the loyalty of dogs? Let me know in the comments below.