Dog Who Jumped In Front Of Bus To Save Owner Comes Home

In July, DogTime reported on Figo, the Golden Retriever service dog who dove in front of a bus to save his blind owner’s life. The pup put his body in between his owner, Audrey Stone, and the oncoming bus and suffered some very serious injuries. Even though he was in rough shape, he stayed by Stone’s side until help arrived on the scene.

Figo the Golden Retriever sits in front of a fireman.

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

His story touched people around the world who sent in cards and toys while he had surgery and spent time with his trainers so he could return to duty. He and Stone both needed time to recover from their injuries before they could enjoy going out on walks again. Well, after several months of being away, Figo returned home to his owner, fully healed, and received a hero’s welcome.

Figo the Golden Retriever lies on a white towel. Both of his front legs have bandages on them.

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals presented Figo with its Dog of the Year Award. But the pup wasn’t nearly as happy with all the praise he got as he was to see his owner. Figo’s tail was wagging at full force as he walked up the driveway to greet Stone. He’s finally home, and he couldn’t be happier about it.