Dear Police: Please Do NOT Shoot My Dog

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

We’ve seen it all too often in the news. Police shooting someone’s dog. I just want to make it clear to any police officer who comes onto my property that I do not want my dog shot.

I would rather be assaulted by a criminal than have you shoot my dog.

I would rather have my car stolen than to have you shoot my dog.

I would rather lose my home and everything in before I would want you to shoot my dog.

I would gladly give up my right arm to save my dog’s life. I would give up my left arm to save my dog’s life. I would give up my right leg and even my left leg to save my dog’s life.

I would walk into a burning building to save my dog.

I would cross flood waters to save my dog.

I would fight a bear to save my dog.

I would risk my own life to save the life of one of my dogs.

If you come to my door my dog will come to the door to greet you. She may step out on to the front porch and sniff you. Probably around the knee area to see who you are and if you smell familiar. Please do not shoot her for this.

If you come into my back yard my dog will bark at you because she does not know you and she is afraid of you hurting her family. Please do not shoot her for this.

My dog is the sweetest and gentlest of souls. She is gentle to babies, small animals, and all creatures great and small and yet if you come into my home unannounced she is going to bark at you. She is protecting me just like you are trying to do. Please do not shoot my dog for loving me and trying to protect me.

If you shoot my dog, you may as well shoot me in the heart because that’s what you’ve done when you shoot my dog.

Our dog’s lives should have the same value as a police dog’s life. Laws need to change to give our dogs the same value, and rights, and repercussions when they are harmed and murdered, as a police dog. If your only solution to a dog standing in your path barking is go shoot it, you are probably not the type of person who should be a police officer. You aren’t smart enough, compassionate enough, or resourceful enough to be a police officer in my opinion.


I wish I could say some of the comments are shocking. My dog is not a Pit Bull as some are insinuating but some people will use any excuse to bash on or slander the Pit Bull breed. Do not be concerned with their ignorance, they are usually just Internet Trolls trying to get a reaction out of you. It is absolutely UNTRUE that police are shooting only Pit Bulls. They are shooting all sorts of breeds of dogs (see links below). Police policy regarding the handling of animals and pets needs to change. Our dog’s lives deserve the same respect and protection under the law that a police dog’s life is given. Equal protection for all under the law.

I do not dislike cops in any way. When I think of most police officers I feel respect and gratitude toward them. I recently took a local Citizen’s Police Academy training course to be more familiar with my police department and find out how I can help as a citizen. In no way does my fear and concern on this topic mean that I don’t respect police officers. In my opinion most police officers are good people who want to help and protect, there is a small minority that do not share the same beliefs and respect for life. These “bad apples” give all officers a bad name and make it hard for good cops to do their job safely. This small minority of bad officers are the reasons that laws need to be made to protect our dogs/pets. They do not see life the way that we see it and we need to make laws to help them understand how precious the lives of our pets are to us.


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