Air Canada Pilot Lands Plane To Save Dog

A flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto made an unplanned landing in Frankfurt, Germany because of a little French Bulldog named Simba. The pup was safely tucked away on the flight, but as the plane approached the Atlantic Ocean, the pilot noticed there was a malfunction in the cargo area’s heating system. Seeing as temperatures get well below freezing over the ocean, it was a dangerous situation for Simba.

A man holds his French Bulldog in his arms next to his luggage in an airport.

(Photo Credit: CityNews)

So the pilot did what any dog lover would do. He diverted the plane, causing a 75 minute delay and spending $10,000 in fuel and landing fees to save Simba’s life. The Frenchie boarded another flight with a working heating system and flew home with his extremely grateful owner.

Once the passengers on the flight understood they were being delayed to save Simba, they were glad the pilot chose to land. Air Canada believes their pilot made the right call to protect all lives on board, Simba’s life, included. We couldn’t agree more.

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