Cute Crossing Guard Pup Helps Keep Kids Safe

The town of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania has someone looking out for kids as they trek to school each day. His name is Patches and he’s a crossing guard who happens to be a dog.

poodle-crossing-guard(Photo Credit: WNEP)

The 5-year-old Maltese-Poodle mix accompanies his owner, a retired contractor named Bradley Davis, while he performs his crossing guard duties at a busy intersection as children get back to class for the year.

The pup looks extra adorable with his custom-made crossing guard uniform, topped with a tiny stop sign. He’s very focused on his job and never takes a step off the curb until his owner does. And he’s not just there to look cute. Patches is quite helpful for insuring the safety of the kids he helps cross the street.

Davis says that cars slow down as they pass to get a better look at Patches, and slower drivers means safer crossings. The kids also love to stop and give Patches some pets and scratches behind the ear, which helps them wait patiently for traffic to clear.

The pooch does his job without expectations for treats or rewards, and he’s become somewhat of an unofficial town mascot. But come winter, he prefers to let Davis do the work. Patches refuses to go outside in the cold weather, instead staying snug on the heated seats of the car. But come Spring, he’s back in uniform, keeping everyone safe.