This Puggle Loves Relaxing In The Hot Tub

There are few things more relaxing than lounging in hot tubs and letting the water jets take care of those stiff muscles and joints. Cuzzie, a Puggle, knows that better than most.

Cuzzie the Puggle can be seen in this viral video chilling in the hot tub, rubbing his back against the jets and letting everyone know how good it feels with a bunch of happy grumbles and groans. His owner says that Cuzzie doesn’t mind the hot water, he just loves getting a back massage. He was only in the hot tub for five minutes before cooling off on dry land.

This video has been around since 2013, but only recently started getting popular. We’re just glad it’s finally getting shared so we can all watch this cute pooch live the high life. In fact, we’re getting pretty jealous already.