A Specially Trained Dog Helped Find Key Evidence In The Case Against Subway’s Jared Fogle

There really seems to be no end to what dogs are capable of doing. Dogs can detect cancer in humans at stage zero, locate bombs, alert people before they have seizures. We can now add, locking up sex offenders, to the list.

As you’ve probably seen in the news Subway sandwich spokesman Jared Fogle has been accused of some horrible crimes but I bet you didn’t know that a dog helped to catch this predator and force him to stand trial for his crimes.

(Photo Credit: CBS4)

A key piece of evidence in this case was obtained by a well trained canine. Jared Fogle, plead guilty and one of the main reasons he pleaded guilty is because of a well hidden, media storage device that was found with child pornography.

Dozens of federal agents spent hours sifting through the house looking for evidence but locating a tiny item like a media storage card, the size of a quarter, can be as impossible as looking for a needle in a haystack when you’re searching a large home.

A Labrador Retriever named Bear is trained to sniff out electronic items such as thumb drives and SD cards. According to CBS4, Bear is an Electronics K9 and one of only three dogs in the United States that has the elite capabilities of locating electronics.

Bear works on food incentives and is a highly efficient and motivated worker. He can accomplish in less than five minutes, what a dozen FBI agents are unable to accomplish in hours or days. Way to go Bear!