Dogs Who Would Rather You Not

Living with a human must be tough. We get up to a lot of antics. Dogs are there to be our friends, sure. But there’s a limit to what anyone can tolerate. Sometimes dogs just have to remind you to respect personal boundaries. Here are a few dogs who would like you to cut it out and take a step back.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

This big dog is giving his owner the stink eye to let him know he’s getting too close. But the human just isn’t catching on. It’s time to deliver the old one-two. The pup gives his owner a wallop. It doesn’t seem like any damage was done, and the pair give each other a nice wrestle-hug in the end.

I’m Walking Over Here

The street-wise Pit Bull mix in this video is crossing the street, minding his own business, when a driver decides to honk his horn. The pooch isn’t having any of that disrespect. He grabs the car’s license plate and with the jaw strength of The Incredible Hulk, he snaps it off. That’ll teach the driver to make all that racket in his quiet neighborhood.


The Shiba Inu in this video is very creative in finding ways to let his owner know that no means no. He somehow managed to rig up a cage device, a fake doorbell, and a road block to halt kisses in their tracks. He’s not even letting up when his owner goes to sleep. That’s one pup determined not to get smooched.

Low-fat? No Way

This pup loves treats, but you better get that low-fat diet grossness out of his face. His expressions are adorably disgusted as he shrinks away from the offending foodstuff. Seriously, pausing this video at any time is almost guaranteed to give you a laugh. In the end, he even tries to slap the junk away from his nose. No thanks.

Amos Would Like To Stay-mos

When this Golden Retriever doesn’t want to walk, he’s not going to walk. Amos just isn’t feeling like going out today, so he pulls the play-dead-and-hope-you-leave-me-alone technique. And he’s really good at it. As he’s scooted along the floor, he’s making a better mop than a dog.

Take Me Out To Dinner First

When this dog wants a treat, smooches are not what he has in mind. He seems to have an air of superiority as he tilts his head away from his owner’s lips. One, two, three attempts and it’s still a polite, “No thank you.” He’s more of a pat on the head and a hardy paw shake kind of pup.

My Name Is What?

This Bulldog will let you call her a lot of things, but don’t call her Butkus. It’s the only name on the list that gets some heavy grumbles and groans from the pup. We’re not sure why that name bothers her so much, but we probably wouldn’t want to be called Butkus either.

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