Yorkie Saves Owner From Bigfoot [VIDEO]

A man in North Carolina claims to have filmed Sasquatch, and his little pooch, Zippy, scared the beast off. The footage of the cryptozoological creature shows the shadowy figure of the monster lurking in an overgrown field, and he doesn’t seem too fond of Zippy the Yorkie.

The pup takes off barking despite the protests of his owner and gives the creature ‘what for.’ The little pup is apparently quite intimidating, as the dark ape wanders off in a hurry. The owner claims he owes Zippy his life for protecting him from the deadly mythical Bigfoot beast of legend.

Of course, it could just be a man in a gorilla suit. Which is equally terrifying because, who does that? Who just walks around the tall grass in a furry ape suit? I think I’d rather come across the actual Bigfoot. Regardless, Zippy is the hero of the story. It doesn’t matter what size the danger is or whether or not it’s even real. This pup is on his guard and won’t let his owner down.