Roux The Pomeranian Has The Most Hilarious Sneeze Ever

We’ve all probably heard some strange sneezes, but Roux, a Pomeranian from Louisiana, has one of the goofiest sneezes ever. And it’s taken over the internet faster than you can say, “Gesundheit!”

In a video that has gone viral since being posted last week, the fluffy little pooch winds up his sneeze with a big breath. Then he lets loose, shaking his head back and forth in a blur, making a silly noise. We all know the relief that comes with a nice sneeze, so hopefully this pup is feeling pretty good after all of that.

In less than a week, the video has over seven million views on YouTube and has been passing like wildfire through social media. It certainly made us laugh and brightened our day! Roux’s adventures can be followed on Twitter @roux_pom.