BarkFeed Is The Best Part Of Social Media: Dog Photos

(Photo Credit: BarkFeed)

If you’re a social media user, you know the best things on your news feed are the sweet, sweet dog pictures. We can’t get enough of cute, silly, heartwarming images of pups to brighten our day. If only there were a way to skip through all the other nonsense and boring status updates to get to the goods.

Well, now there’s BarkFeed, a feed of doggie pics that is enough to brighten any dog lovers day.

BarkFeed helps dog lovers skip sifting through social media feeds for the cute pup pics and delivers nothing but dogs.

You can see which pics are popular today, and the developers plan to allow users to follow specific posters in the near future. The site doesn’t have a mobile app yet, but because it’s grown so quickly since its launch this summer, an app could be in the works.

In the mean time you can see cute dog pics RIGHT NOW!


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