Doggone News Roundup: Take Your Dog To Work Day, Lady Gaga, Rescue Dogs & More…

Are Confederate flags, Donald Trump, ISIS, and Supreme Court rulings the only things you’ve heard about this week? It’s time to get the real news, or at least the real dog news. We’ve got celebrity pups living in luxury, dating for dog lovers, and all the stories that will make you want to chew your toys for joy in this week’s roundup.

1. That’s No Ordinary Rock

An adorable video has been going viral this week of Turbo the corgi discovering that the rock he’s relaxing next to isn’t a rock at all. The pup is having a nice, sleepy day just chilling in the grass, when all of the sudden, the turtle he’s sitting next to decides to get up and stretch his legs. The startled pooch tries to let the beast know who’s boss, but he’s not fooling anyone with that tough guy impression.

2. Blind Dog And His BFF Guide Dog

(Photo Credit: Stray Aid on Facebook)

Glenn the Jack Russell and Buzz the bull terrier are best friends for life. Glenn is blind, and Buzz acts as his eyes, guiding him around to his bed or his food and making sure he doesn’t crash into anything. The pups were rescued together, and they are absolutely inseparable. In fact, their shelter is looking for a home for them under the condition that they stay together forever. So if you don’t move your furniture often and you’re looking for two best buddies, you’re in luck! Follow Stray Aid on Facebook for more info on these pups!

3. Take Your Dog To Work Day

(Photo Credit: TakeYourDog Facebook)

Today is Take Your Dog To Work Day, so we hope you’re sharing your office space with a furry friend. Hopefully you prepared by reading DogTime’s “Do’s and Dont’s” so everyone stays safe and happy, including all the pooches who are doing their best human impressions by working hard at the office. We’re sure your pup is glad to find out that you actually go somewhere during the day and you don’t just disappear from existence for a while.

4. Lady Gaga’s Doggy Model

(Photo Credit: Lady Gaga Facebook)

Miss Asia is Lady Gaga’s French bulldog, and she’s doing her mama proud. The pup is going to be featured as a model for COACH’s Fall 2015 bag collection. The company is planning to make a generous donation as a thank you to Miss Asia to Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. Lady Gaga’s pooch has over a hundred thousand Instagram followers, so it shouldn’t be too long before she catches up to mom.

5. World’s Ugliest Dog

Peanut (Photo Credit: World’s Ugliest Mutt)

Last week we talked about Tuna, who some have called the world’s ugliest dog. But the annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest will be held today in California for the official title. The purpose of the competition isn’t to make fun of any of the pooches, but rather to celebrate the dogs’ amazing personalities and abilities to overcome hardships. We happen to think all dogs are beautiful, even those that aren’t bag models.

6. Well, If It’s You Or The Dog…

(Photo Credit: Craigslist)

A man in Virginia was upset that his girlfriend forced him to choose between her or his beagle, Molly. So the man did what any dog lover would do. He put an ad on Craigslist to re-home his girlfriend. The funny ad claims the woman is purebred and high maintenance, but don’t worry. She’s now back with her original breeders, also known as her parents.

7. Lovers And Dog Lovers

(Photo Credit: Tindog)

Jezebel reported on a new app called Tindog. It’s like Tinder for dog lovers. The app works as a way for people to meet, usually for dates, based on pictures and bios in their profiles. Tindog is for dog lovers, so there are plenty of pictures of cute pups, and maybe some cute dog owners, too. If “must love dogs” is a requirement for your potential mate, then this app is probably for you.

8. Steak And Chicken For Apple Dog

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed that he feeds his dog filet mignon and chicken for dinner every night. And when you’re a multimillionaire, why not? “Woz” said he started his dog on this rich diet when he realized that robots would one day take over the world and make humans their pets. This is his way of treating his pet the way he wants to be treated when he becomes a pet. Hopefully his robot owner is just as thoughtful.

9. Dog Steals Baby’s Thunder

A video has been going viral this week of a dog saying, “Mama,” better than a human baby. In the video, adults encourage a baby to say, “Mama,” offering food as a reward, but the family dog steps in to get the treat and says, “Mama,” over and over again. The baby isn’t too happy that the pooch is stealing the spotlight and pushes him out of the way. But at least he knows how to talk.

10. Another Rescue Pit Bull Saves Another Day

(Photo Credit: MSPCA)

A few weeks ago, we told you about Ember, the rescue pit bull who saved her boy during a seizure. This week, The Dodo reported on another rescue pit bull, named Sweet Dee, who rescued her owner, this time from a heart attack. Early in the morning, one of her owner’s collapsed on the couch, and Sweet Dee, seeing that he was in trouble, ran to his wife and woke her out of bed. She was able to call 911 and give her husband CPR in time to save his life. The moral of all these stories is this: Rescue a pit bull. It will probably save your life.

That’s it for the roundup. Send us your favorite doggone news stories of the week @dogtimedotcom and @MikeClarKent and you might see them in the next Doggone Roundup!