Doggone News Roundup: Konjo The Quick, Funeral Dogs, Pups Vs. Humans & More…

If you’re sick of Stanley Cups and Basketball Championships, we’ve got pups winning races and setting world records and all the other dog news that’ll make you wag your tail for joy. Here are the best dog news stories of the past week.

1. Konjo The Quick

A tiny pup named Konjo broke the world speed record for fastest dog on front paws. She shattered the previous record set by internet celebrity pooch Jiff, who still holds the record for fastest dog on hind paws. Konjo is only two pounds, and she’s able to use her weight to her advantage, popping her hind legs off the ground and scurrying along very quickly. She’s got some lightning in those paws.

2. Free Dog Knowledge

(Photo Credit: Lea Giotto)

A college professor at Duke University will be teaching a free online course called “Dog Emotion and Cognition.” It’s an introductory course on dog psychology for all levels of experience, perfect for dog lovers who want to know more of the science behind their pups’ ability to solve problems and how they think about the world around them. Since the course is online, fellow dog enthusiasts from all over the world can come together to chat and learn about dogs.

3. Service Dog Stops Self Harm

A video went viral this week of a service dog stepping in to comfort his owner, Danielle, who suffers from Asbergers. The pup steps in and stops her from hurting herself, pushing her hands down with his paws and snout. Then he snuggles up close to her so she can put her arms around his neck and pet him, which gradually calms her down. It’s a really amazing demonstration of what therapy dogs can do, and we’re glad Danielle had the courage to post the video.

4. Pretty On The Inside

(Photo Credit: Tuna Melts My Heart on Facebook)

Mirror gave us an update on Tuna, a silly pup who’s been called the “ugliest dog in the world.” Tuna is an internet celebrity with more Instagram followers than Kanye West. The chihuahua has a clothing line and an autobiography, though we’re not sure how that works. The little guy’s overbite gives him a goofy grin that is sure to make you smile. In fact, we think he’s a pretty cute pooch. Follow Tuna on Facebook!

5. A Dog At Your Funeral

Lulu is a Goldendoodle who works at a funeral parlor in New York. She’s a sweet therapy dog who wanders around providing comfort to grieving friends and family attending funerals in the building. There are even jars of treats around so mourners can interact with her if they’d like to. Lulu is a calming presence and helps people through what would otherwise be a dark time. We want dogs at our funerals, one day. In fact, it’s dogs only for us, thanks.

6. Mummy Dog

(Photo Credit: North Eastern Federal University)

The oldest mummified dog ever found is getting an examination. The nearly perfectly preserved body is over 12,000 years old and was found in permafrost in an area of Siberia. The remains could provide valuable information about the ancestry of modern domestic dogs and how they came to first interact with humans. Scientists hope to discover whether early canines gradually approached humans for food, or if humans brought home puppies to domesticate them intentionally.

7. Pup On Wheels

(Photo Credit: NBC Montana)

A Montana camp for kids with limited mobilities is getting inspired by a dog in a wheelchair. Tom Turkey, a happy black lab with a neurological disorder, is able to get around just fine. He sends a positive message to kids at the camp, showing them that you can still be happy in spite of limitations. The kids love seeing an unofficial mascot that they can relate to, and Tom does a great job of making friends with them. If you can’t get enough of Tom, remember he’s looking for a forever home that can accommodate his special needs!

8. Dog And Human Race To The Finish

(Photo Credit: State Street Mile on Facebook)

Bro and his human, Josh, broke a course record for the State Street Mile dog/human race in California, with a time of 4:15. The lab and pit bull mix blazed through the mile-long race, beating 73 other teams. The pup had a great time, and seemed to believe the whole thing was one big, fun game of chase. Bro was happy to trade some sniffs and meet a bunch of new friends, too.

9. Give Me A Sign

(Photo Credit: The Mayhew Animal Home’s Photos on Facebook)

Gordon may be completely deaf, but he can still learn some tricks. The pup was abandoned on the streets of London, but he’s currently looking for a home through his animal shelter. And he’s trying to improve his chances by learning sign language. Even though he can’t hear, he is taking to his signed commands well, and already knows the basics like “sit,” “stay,” and “shake.” He’s a very affectionate pup, so if you’re living in London, consider making him a part of your family! Contact Mayhew Animal Home for more info.

10. Tiny Toy Or Terrifying Tiger

A viral video has been going around of a German Shepherd who is feeling a little dubious about the stuffed tiger in the room. She goes in to investigate but seems pretty sure that the toy is playing possum. She lets the human go first, stalking safely behind, before timidly sneaking a sniff, then tentatively grabs the toy and pulls. But she scares herself and takes off. Not all dogs are brave, but you try approaching a fierce beast like that!

That’s all for this week’s dog news.

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