Obie: Down to 65 pounds

On Tuesday, September 11, DogTime reported on a Dachshund who was surrendered to a shelter in August because his owners could no longer care for him.

Obie’s weight loss from August 19 through October 9. (Photo credit: Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition)

The dog was named Obie, as he weighed 77 pounds.

Obie was fostered by Nora Vanatta, a certified veterinary technician who has had 8 years of experience working with animals.

As of October 9, Obie has lost 12 pounds, and now weighs 65 pounds.

“I believe that Obie was meant to be with me and that we have a message to share,” Vanatta wrote on the Biggest Loser, Boxie Edition Facebook page. “My background in veterinary medicine and health care has provided a perfect foundation to help Obie lose weight and inspire others.”

Obie’s goal body weight is 30 pounds.

Follow Obie’s progress on Biggest Loser Doxie Edition Facebook page.