Philadelphia town considering dog ban

The business district in Beaver Falls, Pa., is trying to rejuvenate the area, and a part of their plan is to ban dogs.

According to a KDKA 2 story posted yesterday, the city council could take action on such a plan later this year; the proposal is currently being researched.

The main problems appear to be intimidation and mess, as large dogs tied to parking meters can frighten potential customers from visiting merchants, and dog droppings repel would-be patrons.

“When I walk, I try to walk daily. I tell you I get disgusted because people aren’t cleaning up after their dogs, after animals,” Councilman John Kirkland told KDKA. “They got to clean up.”

Beaver Falls has a population of approximately 9,000 residents and is located in western Pennsylvania — a few miles from the Ohio border. It is one of the hardest-hit areas in the United States in terms of lost manufacturing jobs in recent years.

Sources: KDKA 2, Wikipedia