Little boy honors dying service dog with “Lick It List”

Bingo Hein is one special dog, but to her family, the Jack Russell Terrier is a superhero.

Bingo on the job. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Winnipeg, Manitoba boy Cole Hein suffers from a disorder that causes him to stop breathing, most frequently while he is asleep. When he is going through an attack, Cole needs someone to perform CPR to revive him. Because of the severity of Cole’s disorder, he requires constant around-the-clock supervision.

Bingo joined the Hein family in 2005. When the National Service Dogs organization heard about Cole’s condition, they chose a bright Jack Russell Terrier named Bingo to be the boy’s service dog. Bingo is trained to listen for when Cole stops breathing and bark to alert others.

Within six months of Bingo’s arrival, she saved Cole’s life three times.

In 2010, Bingo was inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame as Service Dog of the Year for the help she provides the Hein family.

Sadly, 14-year-old Bingo has been diagnosed with a condition called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, serious physical and chemical changes in the brain that can cause confusion and changes in behavior in older dogs. Veterinarians tell the Hein family that Bingo only has weeks to live.

To celebrate his dog’s life and to honor her in her last days, Cole has created a dog’s version of a bucket list for Bingo. He’s calling his final wishes for Bingo a “Lick It List” because, as it says on Bingo’s Facebook page, “He wants to take Bingo on a global culinary adventure.”

As part of Bingo’s “Lick It List,” Cole is asking people from around the world to send Bingo special dog treats so that she can sample and enjoy different types of food before she passes.

“Anything people want to send is OK,” Cole says. “Bingo’s a good dog.”

Visitors have been flocking to Bingo’s Facebook page with inspirational comments, well wishes, and promises to send special treats for the Jack Russell to enjoy during her final days. Many have shared stories of their own dogs and experiences with love and loss. Messages are pouring in from faraway places like Singapore, New Zealand, and Egypt.

“Cole is doing the happy dance,” Cole’s mother Mandi told the Winnipeg Free Press. “He is teasing Bingo about her new treats coming.”

If you would like to help grant Cole’s wish for Bingo, please check the “About” tab on Bingo’s Facebook page and click “See More.”

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