Pet insurance for puppy and older dog?



I have a new Lab puppy and an adult Golden Retriever. Do I need pet insurance?


Insurance is designed to take risk that you are not willing or unable to take on your own. Pet insurance reimburses you for covered expenses that can occur in the future for your pets. If you are financially able to afford costly or a series of accidents and illnesses then you may want to self insure. However, if you would need financial assistance if your pet was ill or injured then pet insurance may be exactly the thing you need.

Pet health insurance typically reimburses or pays 80% of the cost after the deductible you choose. It allows you to pay an affordable monthly premium in return for future unknown medical events that can and do occur to pets.

Most pet owners are unaware of how much can go wrong with their pet or what it will cost. Although we never expect our pets to have accidents and illnesses, it happens suddenly and most always without warning. And an even bigger surprise is the cost it may require to get your pet well.

A typical emergency visit and follow-up visit can easily cost over $1,000 and run much higher if it is serious or requires a specialist for your pet. Your pet may have a series of medical events, a few, or none at all. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind and financial protection.

Puppies tend to have more accidents, such as sprains, fractures, poison ingestion, viral diseases and non specific GI problems. Adult dogs tend more towards metabolic disorders, accidents, and cancer. Older dogs and of course cats can get heart disease, kidney failure, arthritis, cancer and a host of other conditions due to aging.

Choosing a pet insurance plan that fits your budget, age of pet, and your risk tolerance can lessen the chance of not being able to afford the care they need when something occurs. After all it is insurance; you hope you don’t need it, but want it to cover you when you do use it. Check with your vet on the best plans.