YES! New York City Launches Animal Abuser ‘Do-Not-Adopt’ Blacklist

The list is live. (Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

New York City has finally launched its animal abuser Do-Not-Adopt list which is managed by the city’s Health Department. It works a lot like the National Sex Offender Registry does and contains the names of all peoples convicted of certain animal abuse crimes since October 2nd 2014.

The Health Department compiled the list by reaching out to the city’s district attorneys and is in communication with them so they can find out of new convictions going forward.

Pet stores, rescues, animal shelters and officials can now access the list to see if potential adopters or suspects have been convicted of any crimes that would make it illegal for them to own a pet.

The bill to create the registry was pushed back in 2012, passed in 2013 and now finally the list is live and functioning as of July 2015. Let’s hope all cities and states across America follow suit so we can keep precious lives out of the hands of would be abusers.

It’s important to report animal abuse any time you see it.