Pups Save Each Other With A Hug In Photo That’s Gone Viral

(Photo Credit: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Facebook)

A photo of two scared pups hugging each other at a rural Georgia animal shelter went viral this week and actually saved the pooches’ lives. The picture was taken by an adoption coordinator at Etowah Valley Humane Society and posted by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue on Facebook.

A short time later, the image, along with a desperate plea from Kala, the eight-month old hound mix in the picture, and Kiera, the one-year-old boxer mix, earned thousands of likes and shares. In just over two hours, concerned fans raised enough money to cover the pups’ medical expenses, and they were on their way to the vet and a new foster home.

(Photo Credit: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Facebook)

The pups were scheduled to be euthanized, so their rescue came in the nick of time. If it weren’t for their viral hug, they might not have been rescued.

They are now being cared for by a volunteer, and a new photo of the happy pups is going viral, as well. The two best friends are safe and all smiles now, thanks to their lifesaving hug. We’re so glad these affectionate little buddies are on to the next step in finding a forever home.