Starving dog found with coffee can around neck

Dallas area authorities are investigating a likely case of horrific animal cruelty today after an emaciated dog was turned in to the Dallas Animal Services shelter with a rusted metal coffee can around her neck.

Java’s name has been changed to Olive — as in “olive tree” — an international symbol of peace. (Photo credit: Facebook)

Shelter staff members sprung into action immediately Sunday after the dog, a mixed breed ironically named Java, was brought to their doorstep in deplorable condition. The coffee can had nearly embedded itself into the dog’s neck, its sharp edges had sliced into her ear, and every one of Java’s ribs were showing, indicating she had not been able to eat for quite some time — in fact, based on the level of tissue damage and growth, veterinarians at Metro Paws Animal Hospital, where Java is currently being treated, estimate that the coffee can was likely stuck around the dog’s neck for at least a month.

Because both ends of the can had clearly been cut away by scissors, it seems probable that the can was purposely placed around Java’s neck in an act of unimaginable cruelty.

After the can was carefully cut away from her neck, Java was transported to the vet hospital for additional emergency care, where the full extent of her injuries were revealed. An inch-deep gash had been sliced into Java’s chest wall as a result of the sharp can edge rubbing up against her skin, and she has lost hearing completely in her left ear from a gash caused by the can cutting through to her ear canal.

She received surgery Monday morning and is currently in recovery at Metro Paws.

“If she makes the next 48 hours,” her rescuers told of Java, “she has a good chance.”

Java was initially brought to Dallas Animal Services by a good Samaritan after the gentleman had discovered the gravely injured dog and her loyal companion, German Shepherd mix Joshua, who had been watching over his wounded pal.

Joshua, who is thankfully in good health, is now being cared for by the nonprofit group Animal Allies of Texas.

“Joshua was protecting Java; he was guarding over her,” Animal Allies of Texas representative Melody Hamilton told WFAA-TV. “That’s a companion animal to us.”

The Animal Allies of Texas group is also providing frequent updates on Java’s condition on their Facebook page.

They also announced yesterday that, in honor of her new chance at life, Java’s name has been changed to Olivia — a name meaning “olive tree,” an international symbol of peace.

If you would like to help Olivia as she tries to recover, please consider making a donation toward her veterinary care. Contact the Metro Paws Animal Hospital at 214-887-1400 or visit the Animal Allies of Texas donation page.