Puppies Rescued From Cave 18 Feet Underground [VIDEO]

Hope for Paws came to rescue a mama dog and her puppies. When they arrived they found at least 6 puppies living in a cave deep within the earth. They coaxed some out with food but others were not trusting enough to coax out of the cave. Once spooked the puppies retreated deep underground. Rescuers had to dig their way down 18 feet to reach what turned out to be 9 puppies. Yes 9!

Hope for Paws is still trying to rescue their feral mother. She’s been illuding rescuers for 5 years now but Hope for Paws will continue to try.

To adopt: Abraham, Sarah, Solomon, Angel or Heaven, please contact: http://www.lovejoyfoundation.org

This rescue is dedicated with love to the memory of Lisa M Ashe.