10 Puppies Meet Babies For The First Time: National Puppy Day

Attention all puppy lovers of the world–a.k.a. everyone–puppies have their own holiday! That’s right, your favorite adorable creatures have their own special day. So get ready because March 23rd is officially National Puppy Day! You may be thinking, “Of course puppies should have their own holiday, they deserve it for being so darn cute, after all.” And you are definitely right. In order to celebrate the adorableness that is puppies, here are ten videos of puppies meeting babies for the first time.

1. Gentle Introduction

In what could be one of the sweetest and most gentle introductions ever, this Labrador puppy meets his fellow baby for the first time. Even when the baby excitedly waves her arms in the air and accidentally hits the puppy in the face, the puppy stays calm and collected and is not phased one bit. The puppy even sniffs her and gives her some sweet licks. Could you blame this baby for her excitement, though? It’s her first time meeting a puppy after all! These two are sure to grow up to be great friends.

2. Samoyed Puppy Kisses Baby

Firstly, let it be known that Samoyed puppies are probably the fluffiest puppies known to the universe. In this clip, a fluffy Samoyed puppy greets her new baby friend for the first time with kisses on the lips and a cute hug. The baby looks a bit confused by the incident and her eyes get very wide, but there is no doubt these two will form an unbreakable bond in the future. Plus, there is no way she will be able to resist his fluffiness.

3. Pack Of Puppies Meet Baby

While one puppy may be cute, it’s no match for the cuteness of a pack of puppies. Brace yourselves because this baby is greeted with not just one Golden Retriever puppy, but a pack of Golden Retriever puppies! You will definitely wish you could swap places with the baby in this video. The real question is, who wouldn’t want to be greeted by a pack of puppies? It’s his first time meeting a puppy and he gets to meet the whole litter. Now that’s one lucky baby.

4. Puppy Falls Asleep On Baby

Callie is a three month old Catahoula mix puppy. Like most puppies, Callie loves to nap, but she especially loves to nap with her three month old baby counterpart. While this baby sleeps soundly on a blanket, Callie decides to curl up with her. Make sure you watch until the end because Callie decides to make the baby her own personal pillow, and it’s one of the sweetest things you will see today. She is so gentle, resting her head lightly on the baby like she is another puppy.

5. Boxer Puppy Meets Laughing Baby

Drake is a six week old Boxer puppy, and a very excited puppy at that. It’s his first time meeting four month old Thalia and they couldn’t be more of a perfect match. Drake is so happy to meet her that his little tail cannot stop wagging. Thalia even grabs on to Drake’s face as a sign of affection and lets out a huge giggle. By the looks of the kisses Drake is giving Thalia by the end, these two were made for each other.

6. Corgi Puppy Barks At Baby

Howie the Corgi puppy gets to meet his new baby friend Sebastian for the first time. In this supervised initial meeting, Sebastian is super happy, responding giddily every time Howie gets even a little close to him. In a super cute moment, Howie lets out a high pitched puppy bark at Sebastian, as he is not sure what this unknown human creature is, and Sebastian lets out the sweetest laugh and smiles. While this is only their first meeting, it likely won’t be there last.

7. Bulldog Puppy Kisses Baby

It’s safe to say that this Bulldog puppy is definitely happy to meet this baby, but it might not be the same the other way around. From the moment the video starts, this puppy cannot stop licking the baby every chance he gets. The puppy licks everywhere from her ear to her hand. The baby’s face however says it all. She is none too happy with this creature that’s licking her. Her face is basically saying “Get this thing away from me!” Little does she know that they will grow up loving each other.

8. Baby Pets Puppy

It’s Hallie first time ever meeting a puppy and she cannot contain her excitement. In this clip Hallie meets Max Jr the puppy and things escalate quickly. Hallie is one brave baby, going in for a pet almost immediately. It’s obvious from Hallie’s smile, baby talk, and hand gestures that she is in love with her new friend. Max Jr is extremely sweet, even giving Hallie kisses back. When Hallie is a little older these two need to get together to play because they already seem like they will be great buddies.

9. Yorkie Puppy Knocks Baby Over

In this first time meeting, the Yorkie puppy is so excited to meet his new baby friend that he accidentally knocks him over! Yes, this tiny Yorkie is so excited even his small little body had enough force. Don’t worry though because it’s all very innocent as the baby falls slowly onto the soft blanket. The puppy really didn’t mean any harm because it’s obvious from his kisses he truly does love his new baby friend.

10. Baby Talks With Puppy

Baby Hannah loves to talk with her new Pug puppy. The puppy is so young however that’s he’s not up to Hannah’s speaking ability yet unfortunately. Hannah keeps saying “Hello” but alas gets no response. It’s okay though because the pug’s cuteness makes up for his lack of talking and Hannah doesn’t seem to mind. Don’t worry Hannah, I’m sure this pug will be chatting away with you in no time!

What are you doing to celebrate National Puppy Day? Let us know and leave a comment below!