Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties [Product Review]

Dr. Harvey’s Power Patties are small, hockey puck-shaped patties that are a good alternative to off-the shelf mass-produced treats with questionable additives or preservatives. No ambiguity or unpronounceable ingredients with Power Patties, as there is only one: “Freeze Dried Green Tripe.”

For the uninitiated, green tripe is the four-chambered stomach of a cud-chewing animal, such as cattle or similar livestock (don’t feel bad — we had to look it up). The first thing a human is struck by is how light one of these patties is; the second is (when taking a close sniff) how awful it smells. Our sample was billed for cats and dogs, but the two feline test subjects tookn one sniff of the Power Pattie, walked away, and never returned.

The dog had the polar opposite reaction, as she couldn’t wait to get her jaws on it. I had barely brought the Power Pattie out of its plastic packaging, when the canine caught a sniff and snatched it from my hands with her mouth (she’s still being trained). She then took it to her pet bed, so she could devour it in comfort. She couldn’t eat it fast enough.

According to Dr. Harvey’s website, it appears that  Power Patties are marketed solely for dogs, although there’s a lineup of treats specifically created for cats (this review rating only applies for dogs). All Dr. Harvey’s treats are made in the U.S.A.