National Dog Day: 30 Awesome Dogs Having An Awesome Day [PICTURES]

A small dog with a tennis ball in a park on a sunny national dog day

(Picture Credit: Purple Collar Pet Photography/Getty Images)

August 26th is National Dog Day! Maybe every day is Dog Day in your home, but we’ll take any excuse to go above and beyond for our pooches.

Dogs do so much for us all year long, whether it’s helping people with disabilities, assisting authorities as they track down missing people, rescuing people in natural disasters, or just being our best friends and companions. It’s only right that we take a day to honor our besties and do a little something extra for them.

Make your dog’s day extra awesome to celebrate!

Here are a few doggos having a great day in honor of National Dog Day!

They look like they’re having the best time! Hopefully your pup has a big doggy grin, just like the pooches in the pictures.

And don’t forget about all the dogs who are still looking for their forever homes. Adopting or sharing them on social media would be a very nice thing to do on National Dog Day!

We would love to rescue every single dog on the planet. Until then we can:

  • Rescue as many as possible.
  • Give our fur babies as much love and care as possible.
  • Donate time, money, or pet items to local shelter.
  • Foster a dog.

The world could use more kindness. Be kind to people and dogs.

Are you going to celebrate on National Dog Day? What are some ways dog lovers can go all out on August 26th? Let us know and share pictures of your pups in the comments below!