National Love Your Pet Day: How To Go Above And Beyond For Your Dog

Woman hugging dog on living room sofa

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National Love Your Pet Day is celebrated on February 20th, and it’s a great holiday to go above and beyond for your dog to show your love.

You may think we dog lovers don’t really need a Love Your Pet Day when we shower our dogs with adoration every day, anyway. That may be true, but we should take any excuse we can get to do a little extra doting and pampering for our pooches.

Here are a few ways to go all out to show your dog how much you care on National Love Your Pet Day!

1. Make A Special Treat

Sure, there are plenty of special treats and foods you can buy for your dog at the store, but this holiday is all about making the effort and putting in some extra love.

Try making your own homemade dog food or dog treats and see how your dog likes them. If your pup enjoys your dishes, it may be the start of a whole new diet plan.

Just make sure to check with your vet and do your research on which foods are healthy for dogs to eat.

2. Take A Trip To The Dog Toy Store

Cute Tibetan Terrier and Golden Retriever with young woman ownwr in pet store resting.

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Maybe your dog’s toys are getting a little chewed up and worn out. This is a good day to head to the pet supplies store and bring your pooch along.

Let them pick out their own toy and have a blast. You may even see other dogs out shopping with their humans to celebrate the holiday, so this could become an impromptu dog party.

3. Get A Change Of Scenery

If you’ve been taking your dog for walks along the same few blocks lately, consider a change of pace. Take a trip to a new park, hiking trail, or just a different neighborhood.

Your pup will appreciate seeing some new sights and sniffing some new smells. Changing things up can also be mentally stimulating, and along with the extra exercise, you’ll have a happy, content, and tired dog at the end of the day.

4. Make It A Doggy Spa Day

dog receiving a spa treatment

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Would your dog appreciate some extra pampering? Give your pup a spa day starting with a great doggy massage.

Maybe they’d appreciate a gentle, thorough brushing or some relaxing music. You can even use dog-safe lotions, coconut oil, and other nice, moisturizing products that will help keep their skin from drying out and give them a pleasant, soothing scent.

Don’t be surprised if your pup drifts off to sleep with all that loving attention.

5. End The Day With A Dog Movie Marathon

If you’ve done a good job of tiring your dog out during the day, sit back and relax. Kick off an evening of cuddles and naps with a dog movie marathon.

There are plenty of dog movies to choose from, and if your pup has a favorite, put it on, curl up in the blankets, and relax knowing that you went all out for your pup on Love Your Pet Day.

How are you going to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day with your dog? Are you planning anything special? Let us know in the comments below!