10 Adorable Puppies Playing In Their First Snow [PICTURES]

Do you live in an area where the weather gets cold in winter? These puppies sure do! They are playing in their first snow learning all about this wet, cold, white stuff that keeps falling out of the sky.

Check out these 10 pictures of the cutest puppies playing in their first snow!

Do you have a new furry family member who loves to go out in the snow? Puppies are so gosh darn cute, especially when they experience something fun for the first time.

Is this going to be your puppy’s first winter? If so, you may need to pick up a few things to keep them safe and comfortable in the cold.

Stuff Your Puppy Will Need If You Live In A Cold Place

  1. Booties – Snow boots for dogs. Some dogs really dislike the feeling of snow under their paws, and things like salt and spilled antifreeze can be dangerous. I recommend taking your dog with while shopping for booties to make sure you find the right size.
  2. Doggie Jacket – Dog jackets can make a big difference on a pup if you plan to stay outside for longer than 5 minutes. Some dogs really hate jackets, but it’s important, especially if they don’t have long fur. Dog coats can get expensive, so I recommend waiting until they go on sale to buy one.
  3. Nose balm – English Bull Dog noses can get really dry in cold weather, as can noses of other dog breeds. You can find nose balms  and similar products to put on your pup’s nose if you notice it is getting dried out.
  4. Paw Wax – For dogs that don’t like boots. Wax is very helpful for dogs. You can put wax on their paws and help protect their feet from the salt and snow.

Do you have a new puppy who’s seeing snow for the very first time in their life this year?

What are your cold weather essentials–stuff your pup can’t survive winter without? Let us know, and if you have pictures of your puppy in the snow, please share them in the comments below!

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