30 Dogs Who Are Loving The Fall Season [PICTURES]

High Angle View Of West Highland White Terrier On Autumn Leaves

(Picture Credit: Ronald Risman / EyeEm/Getty Images)

What’s your favorite season? What is your dog’s favorite season? I honestly love all the seasons, but I think fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of all, and my dogs sure seem to like it, too!

The first thing we start to notice is the brilliant colors of leaves on the trees. Not long after that, they begin falling to the ground. Then, before long, our front lawns are covered in a beautiful array of fall colors.

Of course, many of our pups just love to chase the falling leaves and jumping into our freshly raked piles. It’s a magical season! Here are some dogs who are loving the fall and playing in the leaves!

30 Pictures Of Dogs Jumping Into Fall

It looks like a lot of dogs enjoy running through leaves and hiking through the gorgeous fall landscape that surrounds us.

You may have already raked your yard a few times, but wait! You may want to hold off before raking up those leaves again. Lots of dogs enjoy romping and rolling through them. I bet your dog doesn’t even mind how cold it’s starting to get.

Or maybe even rake a big pile of leaves and see if your dog wants to play in them. Hey! Free activity.

Here is a list of fun things to do with your dog this fall:

  • Run and roll through the leaves
  • Hike the beautiful landscape if you have an area to do so
  • Leash up and walk through your neighborhood so you can enjoy all of nature’s beautiful fall colors
  • Eat some pumpkin. If you get it in the can, make sure it’s 100 percent pumpkin with no added sugar.
  • Take a road trip to somewhere awesome nearby

What types of activities do you do with your dog in the fall? Does your pup like to run and play in the beautiful autumn leaves? Let us know and post pictures in the comments below!

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