National Anti-Boredom Month: 5 Ways You And Your Dog Can Fight Boredom

mature woman hiking with a dog at the leash in a rural landscape

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July is National Anti-Boredom Month, and no one would love to fight boredom with you more than your dog!

Dogs can especially benefit this month, as boredom is often the cause of anxious, destructive behavior. A little bit of mental and physical stimulation goes a long way in keeping our pups happy and healthy.

Of course, you will benefit from some extra fun, too, and challenging yourself to do something new with your dog is a great way to strengthen your bond while staying active.

Here are five ways you and your dog can fight boredom during National Anti-Boredom Month in July!

1. Go Somewhere New

Your dog probably loves going for a walk, but you can boost the fun factor even more if you try walking in a place you haven’t been before.

You’ll get some fresh air, exercise, and a change of scenery, all of which can keep you more active and engaged on your walk, and your dog can smell new smells, mark new territory, and maybe even meet some new doggy friends.

Walking somewhere new is a great physical and mental workout for your pup, so you may notice that they’re even more tired than usual when they get home, and that’s how you’ll know they had a great time!

2. Take Up A Hobby

Mature woman sits in a sun room, knitting, and is interrupted by her pet dog, a white West Highland terrier. She is surrounded by yarn wool of many colours. She laughs at the dog's attempts to get attention. Trust, love, companionship, traditional craft.

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If you find yourself sitting around being a couch potato and binging on Netflix too often, it might be time to give yourself more of a challenge. Laziness leads to boredom, and it leaves you with nothing to show for all the wasted time, so try taking up a hobby that will allow you to make something for your dog.

Stitching and knitting can allow you to make fun doggy clothes for your pup or even dog beds. Woodworking can help you make a dog house or stairs for your small dog to get on furniture. Decorating can let you make a nice little area of your home just for your dog.

Any number of hobbies will help you actually make something that can benefit your dog, and if you’re not very good at what you try, keep at it. Throw enough hours at any task and you can get kinda-sorta good at it eventually.

3. Throw A Dog Party

If your pup has a bunch of doggy friends from daycare or the dog park, consider throwing a dog party.

It’s a great chance for you to build some relationships with people in your area who also love dogs, and it’s an opportunity for all of your pooches to play together and tire each other out.

Make sure you have a secure area for all the dogs to play, and always supervise the action. You can even try out some dog treat recipes and serve them up to your canine guests.

4. Have A Beach Picnic

Friends having picnic at sea

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One of the great things about Anti-Boredom Month being in July is that the weather is usually great. It’s a perfect chance to have a picnic at a dog-friendly beach.

Pack up some toys, a dog life jacket, supplies, and food. Your pup will be able to meet some new buddies, and you’ll enjoy the waves and sunny weather.

If you don’t live near a beach, you can visit a dog-friendly park and have a picnic there, instead. You can still appreciate nature, and maybe it will be even better, as you won’t get sand in your food.

5. Try New Foods

Speaking of food, Anti-Boredom Month is a good time to spice up your diet–maybe literally.

You’ve probably got a few favorite go-to foods that you enjoy, but it can get boring and monotonous if you’re eating the same things over and over, and the same can be said for your dog.

Look up some new recipes both for human food and for dog food or treats, and if you haven’t tried making food for your pup, give it a try. You can even take your furry friend to a farmer’s market, which come around more often in summer and are usually dog friendly.

What other ways can your dog help you fight boredom in National Anti-Boredom Month? Are you planning to do anything exciting in July with your dog? Let us know in the comments below!