8 Ways My Small Dog Acts Like The Biggest Dog In The World

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

Weighing in at a whopping seven pounds, my Yorkshire Terrier, Macki, wouldn’t seem intimidating to someone seeing him for the first time. This little guy came into my family when he was already ten years old, too.

But despite his small size, it didn’t take him long to take a big place in my heart. He has some behavioral issues, as we didn’t get a chance to start his socialization training at an early age. But he’s slowly getting better in our home with plenty of love.

He’s certainly got a Napoleon complex, and he thinks he’s big enough to take on anything. But it’s really just his attitude that’s larger than life. Don’t tell him that, though.

Here are eight ways my small dog acts like the biggest dog in the world.

1. He’s In Charge Of All The Other Dogs

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

Macki had two doggy brothers. One was a Dachshund who was about his size, and the other was a mutt who easily weighed three times as much as the little Yorkie. Macki ruled them with an iron paw. His brothers passed away since then, but he still bosses our other family pets around.

When guest dogs come over, like his Old English Sheepdog cousin, it’s no different. Macki lays down the law like he’s towering over them, but he also checks in on them to make sure they’re okay. He’s a firm leader, but he lets you know he cares.

2. He Somehow Takes Up The Entire Bed

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

You wouldn’t think a little dog would take up an entire queen mattress, but Macki somehow manages to do it.

He starts by lying down  in the most inconvenient spot. Then, when I lie down next to him, he leans against me. Slowly, throughout the night, he moves me inch by inch until I’m hanging off the bed.

I’ve seen Great Danes take up less bed space than this pup.

3. He Walks The Walk

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

If you want a laugh, all you have to do is see Macki walking around in his tough guy winter coat. He walks like a burly biker with his legs spread out and elbows bent.

He looks like he’d be making a fist and walking on his knuckles if he had hands and fingers. I would say his walk is exactly like what you’d expect from a Bulldog or a Rottweiler, but seeing that walk from this tiny dog is hilarious.

4. He Eats All The Food

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

Macki doesn’t weigh much, but he’s got a pretty good appetite and was never above stealing some extra grub from his brothers’ bowls. In fact, sometimes he preferred their food, even though he knew he wasn’t allowed to eat it.

You wouldn’t expect such a little dog to pack away food so voraciously, but he’s like a tiny garbage disposal. When his cousin dogs come to visit now, we keep a close eye on their bowls.

5. He’s Always Looking To Pick A Fight

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

When I say Macki wasn’t socialized well, that may be an understatement. He goes nuts when he sees another dog on our walks, and it doesn’t matter if they’re a Chihuahua or a Doberman, he’s gonna pick a fight.

He barks and snarls at dogs who probably leave poops bigger than him. He’s getting better with our training, but he’s got a way to go before he realizes his own size.

6. He Defends His Humans From Intruders… And Non-Intruders

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

Macki is very protective of the humans he loves. Sometimes he’s a bit too overprotective. He greets every guest at the door with some pretty ferocious barks and growls, even though he tends to be no taller than the top of our guests’ socks.

Sometimes he’ll calm down and get used to people, but every once in a while he’ll start the barking act all over again for no reason. He thinks he’s the biggest, baddest guard dog in the world, but his bark is a lot worse than his bite.

7. He’s Impossible To Miss

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

Macki may be a small dog, but he’s so eager to get pets, love, and attention that it’s absolutely impossible to miss him. He’s always in your face, on your lap, under your feet, and wherever you go.

He sticks out in the house more than Clifford the Big Red Dog. If he was any bigger, he’d need a house of his own.

8. He Has The Biggest Heart

(Picture Credit: Mike Clark)

One thing Macki shares in common with big dogs is the size of his heart. He’s so loving and sweet, and he’d never leave his humans. I think he knows we rescued him, and he’s never giving us up.

Macki is eager to please, and he wants to make us happy. I’ve never had a dog so willing to shower his family with affection at all times. I certainly wouldn’t trade him for any dog, no matter what size.

Do you have a little dog who acts like a big dog? What funny things do they do? Let us know in the comments below!