How To Plan A Comfy, Safe Room For A New Dog In Your Home

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As a dog lover, you probably treat your pet like a member of the family, or maybe they’re the only roommate you’ve got. Your canine friend provides good company, but for this to happen, you have to take care of them.

This means you should provide for both their emotional and physical needs.

Before bringing a new dog into your home, you ought to understand that they need more than love and food; they also need a safe and comfortable home. A dog room can provide that comfort and safety.

Dog Proof Your Home First

Before bringing home a new dog, learn how to dog proof their living space. Your pooch needs to be safe around and outside the house.

Many home accidents happen in the kitchen and bathroom because these rooms house dangerous chemicals and items. Keep all cleaning items, food, and cutlery away from your dog’s reach.

Do not allow your dog to play with house plants, which can be dangerous. You can also move house plants out of reach or put them in the yard.

Ensure that your TV, stereo, and other electronics don’t have dangling wires. Cover all electrical outlets and cords.

Protect your pet from choking hazards by removing buttons, batteries, and jewelry from dressers or any other surfaces where the pooch might reach. Hide or cover the trash to protect your dog from eating chemicals or spoiled food.

How To Prepare A Dog Room

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Our dogs are special to us; they not only provide companionship, but they are loyal, and love us without judgment. Every pet parent wants to make their pets happy and comfortable.

Since our canine friends are family, they deserve space where they can relax without interruptions.

If your home has enough space, you can create a room for your fur buddy. This is a great way to ensure that your pet stays active and comfortable and doesn’t destroy your home while they’re alone.

Try to choose a room with a floor of sealed concrete or tiles because they’re easier to clean. If you don’t have a room like that, you can replace the flooring of an existing room to a more easily maintainable material.

One of the best indoor dog room ideas is to use semi-gloss paint, free from organic, volatile chemicals, or non-toxic, satin paint. These paints make it easy to wipe away paw prints compared to glossy paints.

If you live in a cold environment, ensure that the doggy room is warm and draft free. Also, provide a place for food and water, and ensure that your pet has access to the “bathroom.” Click here for a few indoor doggy potty ideas to help.

What Space In Your Home Would Make A Good Dog Room?

Did you know that you can create a dog room under stairs in your house? This is an excellent use of extra space and a comfortable way for your dog to have their own pet haven. This is also a great idea to create a permanent dog room for your pet.

You can install doors with different designs and put beds, pillows, and mats in to make the room cozier.

Another option is to set up a laundry room with a dog shower and include bowls, storage containers, food, toys, treats, pet toiletries, and other cleaning supplies. New houses with large laundry rooms are big enough to include dog rooms in your house plans.

You can create a dog shower by knowing and understanding the best tools to own for this job. The laundry room is excellent for a dog shower because it’s connected to a water supply.

If you have a small dog, you can construct a dog wash area under the cabinets located around your washer. For large dogs, design the shower on the floor, and stack your washer and dryer rather than utilizing side by side machines.

How Can You Make Your Dog’s Room Comfy?

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After a long day of being a loyal pet, your pooch deserves a comfortable bed to sleep and take naps in. The good thing is that your canine friend is not picky and will find a mat or pillow comfy. But you can also buy a dog bed that can provide an extra level of comfort.

A dog room with beds can also be used as a senior dog gathering room because it provides relaxation and few distractions. Senior dogs might benefit from an orthopedic dog bed, especially if they have arthritis.

For active dogs, you may be able to find bunk beds; these are great when you have more than a single pooch and limited space. You can buy bunk beds with various designs and sizes, or you can make your own. The good thing is that your pet will love a bunk bed, whether it’s designer or cheap.

Another excellent idea is to create a nightstand bed. This is not only a comfortable option, but it’s easy to make, too.

You can also make room for your pooch out of a cupboard. Most houses have large cupboards that can house one or more dogs.

Fluffy rooms make comfortable spaces for your canine companion, too. Big, fluffy pillows provide ideal resting spots for dogs, especially after long walks.

You can also include twin beds in your dog room where each pet has their own bed and personal space.

What Kind Of Décor Can You Add To Your Dog’s Room?

The first things apart from fluffy beds you ought to include in a dog room are food and water bowls. Dogs require clean food and water. You can provide several water bowls if your pup keeps knocking over the bowls.

Your pet can also get lonely and bored when left alone during the day. Therefore, it’s necessary to provide toys for entertainment. Unlike humans, pets might not outgrow their toys, and they can play with them for years until they are worn out. Just make sure to wash them regularly.

Pet gates, doors, pens, and crates can make beautiful décor for the dog room. Although they’re not always essential, they can help keep your pooch safe while you’re away. You can find a lot of gates and pens online, or you can even use baby gates for smaller dogs.

However, if you prefer to make your own DIY pet gates, use non-toxic materials that are safe for your pooch. You can build the doors and gates using different materials, colors, sizes, and designs, depending on your budget.

You can also include dog art, rugs, wallpapers, and other doggy-inspired décor to make the room livelier.

Bringing a new dog home is exciting because it means you’ll have a loyal friend for life. However, pets need love, care, and physical and emotional support. A dog room provides comfort, safety, and privacy for your pet.

Does your dog have a room or special place to themselves in your home? What’s the most interesting feature of your dog’s room? Let us know in the comments below!

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