Dog Training Treats That Are Perfect For Quick, Positive Reinforcement

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Dog treats are an essential component of any well-stocked pooch pantry. But they don’t only have to be used for snack sessions; treats can also become an important part of any positive reinforcement training.

How does this work? Well, when your dog behaves or reacts the way you want them to, you can reward them by breaking out the treat bag. Eventually, they learn that their good behavior earns them a yummy snack.

Small, low-calorie treats are great for extended training sessions. They quickly reinforce your pup’s lessons without causing weight gain or interfering with their normal diet. Though, as usual, you should ask your vet before introducing your dog to new foods and treats.

Here’s a selection of five dog training treats that are perfect for quick, positive reinforcement!

1. Chewy Beef Dog Treats

Dog Treats

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Beef treats are packed full of protein and will satiate the snacking needs of even the most voracious canine appetite.

The Merrick brand’s take on beef dog treats prioritizes de-boned meat as the number one ingredient, then they supplement it with a mighty healthy selection of sweet potatoes, apples, and blueberries.

Adding a sustainable angle to the product, these beef treats are also made with ingredients sourced only from local farmers and growers.

You can get them on Chewy here!

2. Peanut Butter And Oats Dog Treats

Dog Treats

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Most dogs can’t get enough of the taste of peanut butter, so consider using Zuke’s peanut butter and oats-based dog treats as a crucial part of your training plan.

At only three calories per treat, the line is also ideal for any dogs looking to shed a few pounds they might have picked up lately.

You can get them on Chewy here!

3. Grain-Free Beef Dog Treats

Dog Treats

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When you’re looking to maximize the protein power of your dog’s treats, it’s a smart tactic to look out for grain-free formulas.

These soft and chewy beef treats, courtesy of the American Journey company, compliment real beef with a selection of chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and peas, while the addition of flaxseed and salmon oil will help keep your canine’s coat in tip-top condition.

You can get them on Chewy here!

4. Beef Jerky Dog Treats

Dog Treats

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Only eight specially selected ingredients make their way into Bones & Chews’s all natural beef jerky dog treats, and the brand ensures that Chinese-sourced ingredients never make their way into the mix.

They contain no corn, wheat, soy, by-product meals, or artificial preservatives.

You can get them on Chewy here!

5. Bacon Flavor Dog Treats

Dog Treats

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Break out the bacon next time you’re attempting to use snacks as a way to reinforce positive canine behavior!

Pet Botanics’s bacon-flavored training treats use real pork liver as their main ingredient and have long been used by dog trainers as a key part of an effective training schedule.

Best of all, as they pack only three calories per treat, you can use these bacon bites frequently to really reward your dog’s obedience!

You can get them on Chewy here!

Do you have a trusty dog treat that you use for positive reinforcement training sessions? How does your dog react when you break out the treat bag? Tell us in the comments section below!

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