5 Things That Are Way Better For Dogs To Chew On Than Your New Shoes

Dog Carrying Flip-Flop In Mouth While Sitting On Field

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Here’s a familiar scenario that almost all dog parents can relate to: You return home from a long day at work or after running errands only to find that your lovable pooch has decided to exercise their natural chewing instincts on your brand new shoes.

It doesn’t need to be that way!

Dog’s are hardwired to chew down on things, but a smart solution is to present some better alternatives to chew on–and save your shoes in the process. Although as always, you should ask your vet before giving your dog new treats and chews, just to be safe!

Here are five things that are way better for dogs to chew on than your new shoes.

1. Pig Ear Dog Chews

pig ear treats

(Picture Credit: USA Bones & Chews via Chewy.com)

Bring your dog into the farm-to-table movement by serving up these single ingredient pig ear dog chews! Along with being beneficial to your canine’s tooth and gum health, these pig ear dog chews are made without any icky artificial flavors or preservatives.

The treat’s protein-rich makeup means that they you can even serve them to enthusiastic young pups who might have easily aggravated stomachs.

You can get them on Chewy here!

2. Cow Ear Dog Treats

cow ears

(Picture Credit: Redbarn via Chewy.com)

If your pooch’s palette skews more towards the bovine than the swine, consider adding a bag of cow ear dog treats to the pantry cupboard.

Redbarn’s cow ear dog treats have an abundance of benefits for your dog. They’re naturally low in calories, they actually help clean up your dog’s teeth while they chew, and the addition of chondroitin means that they’re great for any canines with joint issues.

You can get them on Chewy here!

3. Beef Dog Chews

beef chews

(Picture Credit: Redbarn via Chewy.com)

You know what your dog will enjoy more than chowing down on a straight-up beef treat? Chewing through a beef and peanut butter flavored treat!

That’s the winning combination that the treat technicians over at Redbarn have come up with — and the USA made snack is grain and gluten-free to boot.

You can get them on Chewy here!

4. Smoked Pig Ear Dog Treats

pig ear dog chews

(Picture Credit: Grillerz via Chewy.com)

A must for any dogs who are all about hanging out at the barbecue, Grillerz’s smoked pig ears are infused with an extra aromatic appeal to elevate the snacking sensation.

Made from natural pig ears, these treats are also super easy to digest, making them a responsible option for any canines who happen to have particularly delicate tummies.

You can get them on Chewy here!

5. Trachea Dog Treats

trachea chews

(Picture Credit: Bones & Chews via Chewy.com)

Pitched at the more adventurous gourmand pooch, the resident snack scientists at Bones & Chews have rustled up a tantalizing bag of treats made from free-roaming, grass-fed cattle trachea.

These crunchy, dry-roasted, six-inch long tracheas will also survive extra intense chew sessions, upping the bang for your buck.

You can get them on Chewy here!

Does your dog love to chew your shoes to bits if they’re left out? What do you give them instead to promote healthier chewing? Tell us your winning tips in the comments section below!

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