5 Of The Best Items To Make Boat Rides With Your Dog Safe And Fun

A beautiful schnauzer on a yacht chasing dolphins

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If you’re someone who’s all about the boating life, you might have wondered whether it’s safe to bring your dog along for your next cruise. Well, as long as you take appropriate safety steps, it’s totally okay to hit the water with your pooch.

These days, you can easily find products like dog life jackets, collapsible food and water bowls, and special calming supplements to help you bring your dog on board for your next aquatic adventure.

Here are five great items to make boat rides with your dog as fun and safe as possible.

1. A Dog Life Jacket

dog life jacket

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It goes without saying that whenever you bring your canine on board a boat, you’ll want to make sure you have a dog life jacket on hand.

Frisco’s dog life jacket is crafted from super thick foam that floats, and includes reflective patches to up the safety levels. It’s also available in a range of sizes to fit any seafaring pooch.

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2. A Sturdy Leash

dog leash

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Make sure you keep your adventurous and inquisitive pup close to you while you’re on a boat. Pack a sturdy dog leash!

This will come in handy if you need to dock for any reason, and it will prevent your dog from jumping overboard to chase ducks, fish, swimmers, or anything else that catches their eye in the water.

This leash from Frisco is constructed from sturdy nylon and uses the brand’s Ultra-Weld™ seal to ensure a smart balance between comfort and strength.

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3. A Collapsible Pet Bowl

dog bowls

(Picture Credit: Mr. Peanut’s via Chewy.com)

When you’re out enjoying the boating life, it’s important that your dog has access to adequate food and water. You’ll want to especially provide them with fresh water to avoid dehydration.

A collapsible pet bowl is just the ticket for boating trips: The lightweight Mr Peanut brand’s bowls are made from silicone and come in a range of bright colors to compliment your dog’s life jacket.

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4. A Microfiber Dog Towel

dog towel

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Let’s be honest: No boating trip is going to wind up being a totally dry experience for your intrepid pooch. So it’s smart to bring along a dog towel for the trip.

Bone Dry’s dog towel is made out of microfiber so it’ll dry your dog super quickly without becoming burdensome and soggy. It also features a natty bone motif embroidered on the towel.

Naturally, the dog towel is machine washable so you can throw it in with your next laundry load when you return to dry land.

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5. Anxiety Calming Chews

calming supplements

(Picture Credit: Zesty Paws via Chewy.com)

If you suspect that your dog might become anxious or a little stressed out at the thought of riding over the open waves, talk to your vet. They can give you tips on creating a positive boat experience for your dog. and you should ask whether anxiety calming chews can help.

If your vet gives you the okay, give Zesty Paws brand’s calming bites a try. They’re peanut butter flavored and include a mix of ingredients that will calm your dog down without risking any drowsy side effects. The chews even include valerian root, a natural herb often also used to help us humans relax!

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Do you and your dog like to go boating together? What’s your advice for keeping dogs safe on boat rides? Tell us your top tips in the comments section below!

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