5 Items To Replenish Or Replace Your Dog’s First-Aid Kit

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Part of responsible dog parenting involves making sure that you have a properly stocked canine first-aid kit at home. Of course, even once you’ve picked up a kit, it’s easy for essential first-aid items and medical equipment to run out without being replenished.

So for your dog’s welfare, it’s always important to stay on top of the state of your doggy first-aid kit. Since April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, now is a great time to take a look at your supplies and see what needs a refill or replacement.

Keep in mind that first aid should not replace professional veterinary care. It’s only for minor issues and emergencies until you can get to the vet for proper treatment.

Here are five dog first-aid kits and items that you should make sure you have on hand at all times.

1. A Basic First-Aid Kit For New Pet Parents

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If you’re new to the joys of dog parenting, it’s easy to get caught up buying all the fun items and products like toys and outdoor outfits. But it’s imperative that you also pick up a starter first-aid kit for your pooch.

Kurgo’s portable first-aid kit features 50 different pieces, including essential sting relief pads, antiseptic towelettes, and an instant cold pack. It also includes medical implements like scissors, tweezers, and a bottle opener.

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2. Antimicrobial Spray

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What steps should you take if your dog winds up with a wound or a skin problem? Well, Vetericyn Plus antimicrobial pet spray is a smart option.

It’s a solution that you can apply to any affected areas, and it will help protect, moisturize, and provide much needed relief for your canine.

The spray is also 100 percent non-toxic and veterinarian recommended, so you can spritz your dog back to good health with confidence and full peace of mind.

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3. An Emergency First-Aid Kit Because You Never Know

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We live in times where preparing for natural disasters is an unfortunate aspect of pet parenting. A smartly-stocked emergency kit is an integral element of any disaster plan.

The Kurgo brand has collected together a 49-piece set that’s wearable. This pack is easy to grab in case you have to evacuate or travel in an emergency situation.

The first-aid kit also allows you to attach your dog’s all-important ID, along with including a parachute cord, an emergency blanket, and a trauma pad.

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4. A Dog Bandage Roll For Wounds

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One of the most vital additions to any pet first-aid kit is a bandage. Whether you’re attempting to deal with cuts or bruises, a supply of flexible bandage is a must. Bandages are also some of the most commonly used items in first-aid kits, so make sure you restock them if you need to.

Andover Healthcare’s PetFlex bandage is made of linear elastic yarn and packs a tensile strength of 16 pounds. That means it’ll deliver the proper amount of compression to any dog without loosening once they become more active.

It’s also been designed so that, once your dog has successfully healed, it’s easy and painless to remove and you won’t have to worry about any troublesome issues with it getting stuck to your pooch’s fur.

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5. A Mini First-Aid Kit For Traveling

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Perfect to have on hand for everyday accidents and mishaps, Clotit’s first aid-kit collects together the essentials in a space saving setup. This is a great option when you’re traveling or camping with your pooch.

If your dog unfortunately ends up with a cut or a sore, you can quickly patch things up on the go with items like sterile gauze pads, Hydrocortisone cream, and alcohol prep pads. The kit also comes complete with all-natural blood-clotting powder.

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Is your dog’s first-aid kit fully stocked? What items do you consider essential for a canine first-aid kit? Let us know in the comments below!

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