8 DIY Life Hacks For Dog Parents Using Pool Noodles

Colorful foam noodles stacked by swimming pool.

(Picture Credit: Alex Bramwell/Getty Images)

Pool noodles are fun for kids enjoying a summer swim, but they’re also incredibly useful for DIY projects and creative solutions to problems around the home. They can even be used to make fun or helpful items for our dogs.

If you have some pool noodles lying around, give some of these projects a try. They may make life easier or more fun for you and your pup.

Here are eight life hacks for dogs using pool noodles.

1. Bumpers For Doors

If you have a door in your house that tends to swing closed, your dog may end up locking themselves inside often, which means you either have to get up and let them out or make sure those doors stay closed at all times. And that can be inconvenient!

Instead, take a small section of a pool noodle, cut halfway through it lengthwise, and slide it over the edge of the door. This will prevent the door from closing all the way, and your pup won’t get stuck inside.

2. Dog Bed

This easy dog bed requires an old long-sleeved shirt, a pillow, one or two pool noodles, and some duct tape.

Place the pillow inside the body of the shirt and stick a pool noodle — or two noodles taped together if you’re making a larger bed — through the sleeves. Loop the noodle around and connect one end to the other.

Follow along with the video above if it seems unclear.

3. Hose Off Helper

Dogs can get dirty playing in the yard, and a pool noodle can help you hose them down for a quick rinse.

Close off one end of the noodle and form it into a loop with zip ties, leaving one end open so the hose can go in. Poke several holes in the inside of the loop, then insert the hose into the open end.

Now you can use the loop to give your dog a quick, full-body rinse. Follow the instructions in the video above if you’re having trouble.

4. Hydrotherapy Or Learn To Swim

Pool noodles are supposed to be used by humans to swim, but you can also use them as tools for dogs who need some help in the water. You can place a pool noodle under your dog’s front legs or torso to give them a bit of stability while you hold them.

This is helpful for nervous dogs who aren’t used to the water, as they’ll feel a bit more confident with more support, and dogs who suffer from conditions like arthritis will have some freedom to move their bodies and get some exercise without putting to much strain on them.

5. Ball Stopper

Most of us have lost a ball or toy to the abyss under the couch or some other piece of furniture. That’s an easy problem to solve with a pool noodle.

You can cut them to fit small gaps or tape a couple together for larger gaps. The great thing about them is that you can easily remove them when you finish playing or if you don’t want to have pool noodles lying around when you have guests over.

6. Wall Protector

An English Bulldog puppy eats in his crate, facing away with its bum pointing at the camera.

Sometimes crates or kennels can have edges that stick out and rub against the wall. This can become a problem when dogs get in and out of them or eat and play in them, which might shake the kennel and cause it to hit the wall and damage the paint.

Try cutting halfway through some pieces of a pool noodle lengthwise and slide them over the sides or protrusions of the crate. Now when it rubs against the wall, the soft noodle will keep it from causing damage.

7. Grip For Tricks

Training your dog to grip things can be tough. If you want your dog to be able to pick up their leash, open doors, or bring you objects, they may have trouble getting used to it at first.

If you put a small length of pool noodle around the object, it can provide a soft grip for them to put their mouth around while they learn your commands.

Just don’t leave the pool noodle lying around when you’re not training, as the pieces can become a choking hazard or cause intestinal blockage if swallowed.

8. Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are fun for getting dogs working out physically and mentally, and pool noodles can be shaped into archways, hurdles, or posts for dogs to weave around while they get some exercise.

You don’t need to invest a lot of money in agility course equipment when you have some pool noodles. All you need is something to slide them over so they stay stuck in the ground. Even a stick will do. Instant obstacle course.

The video above is an obstacle course for kids, but it would work just as well for dogs.

Do you have any other clever uses of pool noodles for your dog? Do you ever save pool noodles to use for DIY projects? Let us know in the comments below!