10 Supplies And Gadgets Dog Lovers Should Buy On Amazon’s Black Friday

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Amazon’s Black Friday is on November 29th this year, and it’s a great time for dog lovers to score some deals.

How’s your dog doing on supplies? Is your dog’s leash getting old and worn? Are there some things for your pup that you’ve been meaning to get, but keep putting off? Now is the time to stock up or buy a gift for the dog or dog lover in your life.

You don’t have to wait for Friday to find some deals, as some are already slowly rolling out on Amazon! But you should keep checking back. They have sales that go live every few hours on Black Friday, and some only last until supplies run out!

If there is something that you usually buy on Amazon, make sure to check prices on your favorite items, too, because they will have deals that you can’t beat.

From chew toys to orthopedic dog beds, ear cleaner to calming treats, check out Amazon and find some great deals on stuff that you use all year. Here are some of the items all dog lovers should search for leading up to Amazon’s Black Friday.

1. New Dog Leashes

dog leash

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Every dog lover could use a new leash on life. There are sure to be some great deals on Amazon for dog leashes during the Black Friday event, so keep an eye out for them.

Here’s one I recommend: the BAAPET Dog Leash. This leash is five feet in length. If you walk your dog during cooler mornings and evenings during this time of year, the reflective threads can come in handy. If you have a big dog or a strong dog, this is for you.

You can buy it on Amazon here and keep checking to see if it goes on sale!

2. Dog Treats

dog treats

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Every dog loves treats! Whether you need them for training, to improve dental health, or just as a nice reward for your good dog, all dog owners should have a steady supply of treats.

Here’s my recommendation: Free Range six and twelve inch American Bully Sticks! They’re odorless dental chews. These are so much better than the little green things my vet sells me every time I get my dogs’ teeth cleaned. My dogs gobble the green chews in minutes. Bully sticks can take my dogs anywhere from 20 minutes to hours to chew.

You can buy them on Amazon here and check back to see if they’re on sale!

3. Dog Rope Toys

rope toys

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Some dogs go through rope toys quickly, so maybe it’s time to grab some new ones. All dog owners could use some fun toys to play tug-of-war with their dogs! I have two dogs who love playing-tug-of war with each other.

I recommend this five pack of doggy rope toys. They’re actually Amazon’s choice for rope toys, too, and they have a very high rating from users!

You can buy them on Amazon here and keep checking back to see if they’re on sale!

4. New Dog Beds

dog bed

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Your dog’s old bed might be getting a little worn out and stinky, so maybe it’s time to upgrade. Or maybe you just need a dog bed for every room of the house. Your pup will be thrilled to nap in a nice, comfy bed that you order from Amazon.

I recommend the Petfusion Dog Bed. It’s an orthopedic dog bed with memory foam. The cover is removable so you can wash it. It’s available in four different sizes.

You can buy it on Amazon and keep checking back to see if it goes on sale!

5. Fur Grooming Accessories

dog brush

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If your grooming equipment is getting worn out, Amazon Black Friday is a good day to replace old stuff on the cheap. Whether you need brushes, clippers, shampoos, or anything else to keep your pup’s coat healthy, now is the time to shop.

I recommend this slicker brush from Glendan! The head can rotate 360 degrees so you can get that fur from any angle.

You can buy it on Amazon here and keep checking back to see if it’s on sale!

6. Dog Ear Cleaners

ear cleaner

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Ear infections are all-too-common in dogs, especially pups with floppy ears. If you haven’t picked up an ear cleaning solution yet or you’re running low, score a deal on Amazon that will keep your dog’s ears healthy.

I recommend Oxyfresh Ear Cleaner, an awesome ear cleaning solution. If your dog’s ears are starting to get smelly, you may want to try this. Ten dog baths won’t make your dog smell good if they have a lot of bacteria in their ears.

You can buy it on Amazon and keep checking back to see if it’s on sale!

7. A Security Camera To Check On Your Dog

security camera

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Do you worry about your dog when you’re away from home? Keep tabs on your pets through your busy day with a home security cam/pet monitor. There are too many good reasons to have one!

I recommend this home security camera that you can check from your smart phone. It’s a great way to make sure your dog is safe and protect your home.

You can buy it on Amazon and keep checking back to see if it goes on sale!

8. Anxiety Relief For Stressed Dogs

anxiety treats

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Does your dog suffer from anxiety every time you leave the house? There are plenty of products to relieve stress in dogs, like Thundershirts, aroma therapy, or supplements. You should ask your vet about possible solutions, but there are several options on Amazon to help keep your pup calm.

I recommend these Calming Treats For Dogs!

You can buy them on Amazon and keep checking back to see if they go on sale!

9. Collapsible Dog Bowls

dog bowls

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If you don’t have a collapsible dog bowl in your car, you should. They can also fit easily into a backpack. No matter where you go, your dog is bound to eventually get thirsty, and collapsible bowls are practically a must-have for those who travel with their dogs often.

I recommend these Collapsible Dog Bowls (six pack)!

You can buy them on Amazon and keep checking back to see if they go on sale!

10. Automatic Food Dispensers

pet food dispenser

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Don’t let your pets miss one single feeding, even if you’re not home. Eating is a favorite activity among my two dogs.

Do your dogs have an eating schedule, or is there always food in their dish? Staying on a schedule can help regulate how much your dog eats and control their weight. An automatic food dispenser can help you keep to that schedule.

They can get pretty expensive, which is why you should check Amazon for some deals. I recommend this Automatic Food Dispenser.

You can buy it on Amazon and keep checking back to see if it goes on sale!

Don’t miss out on the great deals on Amazon Black Friday. Stock up on supplies for your pets, and you may even find a few gifts that you can hang onto for holidays and birthdays coming up.

What types of pet supplies do you like to stock up on? Are there any special deals you’re looking for on Amazon Black Friday? Let us know in the comments below!

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