Common breed health issues covered by pet insurance?


Previously we had a Dachshund that had a slipped disc in the back that cost us nearly $3,000 in surgery to prevent him from being permanently paralyzed in the back legs.  We are thinking of getting another Doxie.  We were told that this is common in this breed.  Is it covered with pet health insurance?


Yes, to both. A herniated or slipped disc is common in Dachshunds, Beagles and some small to mid size dogs. It can occur in the back or the neck. The disc is between the vertebrae of the spine and has a soft spongy center that can push up on the spinal cord when there is a tear of the disc.

Symptoms begin with acute pain and progress to being unable to walk. If untreated the pet will lose bladder and bowel control and become paralyzed. If mild it may respond to medical treatment; however many times the only correction is surgery.

It is an emergency and must be treated quickly or the surgery will not be effective. It is covered by pet health insurance if it develops after enrollment and the 14-day waiting period. Note: it is not an accident and not typically covered with an accident only policy.