Bladder infections: covered by pet insurance?


My dog has had several bladder infections. They seem to respond to treatment and then several months or a year later another infection develops. Is this something that would be covered by pet insurance?


Whether or not this would be covered would depend on the company and the timing between episodes. Some companies will not cover chronic conditions that are present prior to the policy effective date at any time. Some will not cover for up to 18 months after the policy is effective. Others, such as Pets Best Insurance, will cover a pre-existing condition if it is “cured” and then reoccurs, even a few months later.

The pre-existing condition, such as chronic reoccurring bladder infection, must be documented in the records that no further treatment is necessary and is cured. Then some time must lapse typically of a month or more before the condition would be eligible.

If the bladder infection was due to a congenital defect that predisposes it to the infection, then it would not be covered. It is always best if your pet has or had a chronic type condition to ask before you purchase the plan. If in doubt you can provide your pet’s medical records upon application and request an underwriting review. The pet medical records provides the pet insurance company with the information necessary to inform you upfront before you enroll whether any prior medical problem will be covered in the future and if so whether there is any extended waiting period, beyond the normal waiting period for coverage.

Remember, even if your pet has a chronic condition that may not be covered, there are still hundreds of thousands of medical conditions which would be covered. Don’t let one medical condition keep you from protecting your pet and your pocketbook.