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Pet Product Review – StickySheets | Pet hair removal solution

StickySheetsStickySheets before & after

When I receive an “Unexpected company is on their way!” alert, I scramble to find the lint roller so I can begin the not-so-fun and tedious task of de-furring the couch by rolling-peeling-rolling, repeat. I was anxious to see if StickySheets would improve my quality of life…

Desciption: StickySheets are giant squares of tape that measure23″ x 35″ but, unlike regular tape, Sticky Sheets can easily be pulled apart if they stick to themselves. Like many great inventions the StickySheets concept was born out of frustration on the part of the inventor after he spent half a day de-furing a new used-car using a lint brush, masking tape and vacuum.
Test: For testing purposes I called our Lab onto the couch (much to his surprise) and had him roll around before ousting him and applying my first StickySheet. It was easy to apply (see video above) and did pull apart easily when it stuck to itself. Since I knew from past lint-rolling experiences that fine little cat hairs are the most difficult to remove, I also followed the maker’s recommendation for “stubborn situations” and sat on the sheet before ripping it off.
Results: It worked (see before & after photos above)! There were only a couple of tiny cat hairs that remained and I was able to reuse the same sheet 5 times to de-fur the entire couch before tossing it in the trash! I would recommend StickySheets over lint rollers for any medium to large de-furring “projects.”
5 Paw RatingStickySheets earn a 5 paw rating

StickySheets can be purchased in shipments of 1/$4.95, 12/$19.95, 24/$29.95, and 48/$59.95 on the Sticky Sheets website.

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