Vegan dog food


Have you heard any feedback on Evolution Diet dog food? It’s a vegan dog food I use just to keep away all the bad stuff that comes in regular dog food. I realize dogs are obviously carnivores, but I’ve used this vegan dog food for my dog Chubb since I got him almost 3 years ago because it seems safer. But I’m also concerned about there being no meat-based protein in it.


There’s much debate about whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores. Carnivores absolutely need meat in order to survive. Omnivores can survive on either plant-based proteins or meat-based proteins. When I work with dogs, what I see clairvoyantly is that many dogs need several sources of protein in order to feel good. Their survival instincts are connected to a healthy diet. If the diet isn’t complete, the nervous system sends off constant alerts that the dog is not safe. This, in turn, leads to behavioral issues. By introducing several sources, a dog’s body is able to gather all the nutrients it needs to support the body and the nervous system sends out the message that everything is fine.

Normally I would say your dog needs a meat-based protein source. That being said, many beings are shifting their physical body composition and in this shift, their nutritional needs are changing to a cleaner diet more in line with a vegan diet. My advice is to keep an eye on Chubba be sure his coat stays looking healthy, his behavior is normal and his gums and eyes are doing well. Work with a holistic vet to help monitor Chubba’s well-being and as long as he is doing well on the diet, then it seems fine for him. Behavioral problems including anxiety, uncertainty, excessive barking, uneven temperament, and insomnia are all indications that this diet may not be working for Chubba.

For others considering a vegan diet for their dogs, the choice should be made because it is right for your dog, not because it is your chosen lifestyle and/or philosophy. Most dogs do need meat protein, and as I said, more than one source of high-quality, meat-based protein in order to live a healthy, stable life.