Teach Your Dog To Fetch

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)


My dog isn’t big on fetch–is there any way to encourage her?


Sure! With any activity that involves object play, the key is to make the object interesting for your dog. Remember that dogs are prey animals, so treat it as a hunting game: Throw the ball up and down and then quickly grab it. Or, toss a squeaky toy at your feet, and then swiftly pick it up.

Does the dog show an interest? If so, praise her and give her a treat. If not, wave the toy around or toss it and run after it yourself; eventually your dog will become curious enough to come find out just what is so fascinating. Praise her each time she shows interest or picks up the toy on her own. Finally, to ensure she’s intrigued again the next time you bring out the toy, take it and put it away while she’s still enjoying it.