Human food for dogs


Which foods are bad for dogs?


Many foods that are just fine for us humans can be very bad for dogs. Their digestive tracts are much shorter than ours, so in most cases, human food is not physiologically appropriate for dogs. I recommend that you avoid feeding your dog any “people food” and instead, get her on a healthy, sound dog diet. This means foods made of real meat, devoid of corn, wheat, and artificial preservatives.

Additionally, it’s important to strictly avoid the following: chocolate, caffeine, macadamia nuts, raisins and grapes (in large quantities), mushrooms, and onions. The list goes on, so if you’ve discovered your dog has eaten a food you’re not sure about, call your veterinarian.

The main thing is to find a holistic dog food program (including treats) and stick to it. You’ll be surprised that most holistic dog foods actually cost less than many

commercial brands since they don’t add cheap fillers your dog simply doesn’t need or utilize. In the end, you feed less, your dog eliminates less, and it costs less. And best of all, you have a happy, healthy dog.