Puppy shower

Puppy showers are a popular way to welcome the newest member of the family, and unlike a baby shower, the guest of honor gets to join in the fun.

Puppy showers have practical purposes too; they can help you kick off your puppy’s socialization process, by introducing her to lots of humans and canines all at once. Just keep in mind that it’s easy for a puppy to get overwhelmed, and a scare at this impressionable age can turn into a deep-seated fear. Make the experience festive, but not so lively your pup’s hiding under the sofa.

Many hosts organize a puppy shower along the same lines as a baby shower–lots of baby blue and pink decorations and G-rated games. Some ask for gifts to help them get set up as a pet parent. If you go that route, register at a pet supply store or send out a wish list to guests, so you don’t get 25 versions of the same thing. Include items like gift certificates for dog sitters, poop bags, and car restraints so you get some practical stuff as well.

There aren’t any rules when it comes to puppy showers, so you’ve got plenty of freedom here. For instance, it’s perfectly fine to throw a puppy party to welcome an adopted adult dog home. And unlike baby showers, you don’t have to rely on a kind-hearted friend or auntie-to-be to set things up; you’ll cross no petiquette boundaries if you throw your own shower.

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