Dog bloat?


My dog is retching but not producing any vomit, just clear liquid. What do I do?


If your dog’s abdomen is distended (pushed out) and he’s drooling and pacing or restless, then this is serious and your dog must be taken to a hospital immediately. It is most likely bloat or gastric dilatation, which is when the dog’s stomach overfills with air or food and subsequently, the stomach can twist and send your dog into shock by cutting off blood supply to organs and preventing blood flow to the heart.

Time is of the essence with this condition. The quicker you catch it, the better the chance for survival.

If you know CPR for dogs, go ahead and perform it and check for signs of shock.

However, what’s most important for you (whether you know CPR or not) is to stay calm, and call the emergency vet hospital as soon as you notice signs of the condition to tell them you’re on your way. At the hospital, the staff will get your dog stable and will likely perform surgery if the stomach has rotated.

Best of luck to you and your dog. (This actually happened to my golden retriever, Linus. Luckily, he survived.)

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